The Delicious Foundation is dedicated to promoting the empowerment of people, protection of the environment and respect for cultural diversity and heritage.

This will be achieved in conjunction with organizations that support the creation and production of new and existing artistic works by emerging artists and talent and contributes to the professional advancement of those talents (through participation in international artistic festivals), promoting appreciation and participation in various arts and culture genres (through encouraging public attendance of such music, art and food festivals) and support the talent across the various artistic disciplines.

The Foundation will be contributing to utilizing of sustainable energy resources and offsetting the carbon footprint in the arts and culture and festival sectors, with multi-faceted contributions, green development programs,  green economic development goals, and the supply of technology to utilize natural energy, all with the aim of enriching the quality of life for under privileged communities within Urban and Rural areas.

Mission statement

To improve the quality of life of communities in rural and urban areas while contributing to the sustainable growth and development of the carbon-zero sector by working with organisations that promote and support artistic works of emerging artists mainly in the B-BBEE sectors but without discrimination against any culture.

This is carried out in a non-profit manner and without direct or indirect financial benefit to any director. Employees benefit only through reasonable remuneration for their work. The sole or principle object of the Company is to carry on the public benefit activities contemplated in paragraph 8 in Part I of the Ninth Schedule to the Income Tax Act (No. 52 of 1962 as amended).